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Helena Malikyar, Our Kabul Correspondent

Several years ago I met Helena Malikyar who lives in Kabul and is an Afghan political analyst and historian. Her columns are published regularly in Aljazeera America and report on what the people, not connected with the Afghan or U S governments or the media they sponsor, believe is happening in their nation.

The increasing influence of Muslim extremists throughout Afghanistan, the continuing assassinations of members of the U S military assisting in the training of the Afghan army and police forces, the rampant corruption of the Karzai government, and the resumption of ethnic and sectarian conflicts are gruesome reminders of our failure to institute the rule of law and justice and establish a functioning democracy after our presence in the country for more than a decade. Considering the enormous amount of our resources consumed by the war and the human lives expended on both sides, the American and Afghan people deserve a better result from their leaders.

Helena’s recent article Afghanistan’s Dangerous Game of Thrones on the election and the competing parties’ maneuvering for a “winner take all” outcome gives us a view of what happened. Whether the agreement to abide by the vote recount and cooperate with each other in a new government that Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated with the two presidential candidates will succeed is a chapter yet to be written. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Check out Helena’s articles from time to time in Aljazeera America to learn more about the Afghan’s struggle for a functioning government that can serve the needs of all it people.

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