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Hot Times in Panamá reviewed by Kirkus

Let me share with you an excerpt from the recent Kirkus review of Hot Times in Panamá:

“Chapters are so tight and self-contained, they could stand alone as short stories. The author allows the mystery of Julia to drive the story home to a rewarding conclusion that is just open-ended enough, and an epilogue wraps up the specifics, historically speaking, on the Korean War.

“A riveting history lesson on communism in the 1950s.”


To read the rest of the review click here.


One Response to Hot Times in Panamá reviewed by Kirkus

  • Joyce Broan--also the adventurer says:

    I am going to Burma (alright- I will try to remember to say Myanmar) and Lombak Indonesia and then a more civilized trip to Germany and Poland this summer. Keep me up to date on your writings. Hope to see you soon. Joyce

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