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Linda Strader’s New Book: Summers of Fire

The Tucson area has a large community of writers. One of these is Linda Strader who in the 1970s was a firefighter for the U. S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, one of the first woman to serve in this intrepid, male-only fraternity. Summers of Fire is a memoir of her experiences during the seven years she fought fires from Arizona to Alaska, until an injury forced her to resign. Visit her Summers of Fire blog to learn more about Linda and read the first chapter of her book.

Linda has for many years written regularly for Tucson Gardening Examiner and Santa Rita Mountains Outdoor Recreation Examiner as well as her website organic gardening in the southwest on growing vegetables in the desert.

5 Responses to Linda Strader’s New Book: Summers of Fire

  • Mary Sasse says:

    Linda Strader seems to be just the kind of woman I admire–feisty, well-informed, and not afraid to speak her mind! Since I’m older than dirt, I’ve seen it all, especially how most women suffered discrimination in some form or other. Here are some examples: 1. My mother, who taught in rural schools, lost her job after she married in 1930, a common invent which did not apply to men when they married. Years later, she decided to get a college degree–and was turned down by 2 institutions before she found one that would take an “older” woman. She spent many fruitful years teaching–and “subbed” until she was 89 years old! When I went to college in the 1950s, I applied to the College of Education at a highly respected university–and was advised to stay home and raise my children. After I protested (with vigor), I was finally admitted to that school–and spent over 30+ successful years teaching English in high schools and college. Fully employed, the first time that I applied for a credit card, in the 1960s, I was told that I couldn’t have one unless I got my husband’s permission! Aha! After a steamy interview with the “boss,” I was granted one, however. Given these few examples, I can say that women have a long way since the good old days. Today’s women face other challenges, of course. My advice? Stand up for yourselves and speak out!

  • Mary Sasse says:

    By mistake, I entered the wrong number when I said my mother was “89” years old when she finally stopped teaching. She was “80” years old, still a healthy number!

  • Mark says:

    Linda has captured her struggles as a woman on a fire crew. It has taken many years, since Linda was part of male dominence that thought only men could do the ardous job of suppressing wildfires, to realize that women are a very intregal part of fire suppression. Being a crewmember with Linda years ago helped me realize that we all can do the job.

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